Importance of Hair In a Woman’s Life

Long, shiny and beautiful hair is directly related to beauty, vitality and youthfulness of women. Hair matters a lot to a woman, in fact a bad hair day can actually affect a woman’s self-esteem. Every woman aims for hair that garners appreciation and since ancient times it has played a vital role in their lives.

Reasons why hair completes your entire look:

  • Enhances Beauty:

    Hair can actually enhance your beauty and make you feel good about yourself. Lustrous, strong and well-maintained hair is a sign of confidence and a pleasing personality.
  • Gives Confidence:

    Hair has a special connection with your confidence. When a woman’s hair looks good she feels good and when she feels good she looks even better. This is a fact that happens because when she feels good she becomes much more confident, smart and respectful towards herself and others.  
  • Complements Features:

    Making different hair styles as per your face structure and features can complement your look and personality.  
  • Makes you Feel Feminine:

    History has given us enough evidence that hair is a symbol of femininity. During the civil war when women weren’t to battle, hundreds of women soldiers disguised themselves as men by cutting off their hair, eventually being imprisoned upon discovery. After the Battle of France in 1940, French women’s heads were shaved as punishment for their sexual relationships with German soldiers. Today a woman’s hair remains a symbol of femininity.
  • Feel Liberated:

    Carrying different hair style and trends reflects inner confidence and makes you feel liberated. In the 1950s, female communists and soldiers in China favored a short bob cut just below the ears. This simple hairstyle was named the “Liberation Hairdo” because it is a symbol of women taking control over their own lives. Women continue to use their hairdo to express themselves.
  • Acts as your Identity:

    Long, short, mid-length or any kind of hairstyle reflects your connection with your own self. Your hair forms a seamless bond with the way you feel and present it to the outside world. People start identifying you with your hairstyle. Many celebrities and renowned names across the globe are known to be famous worldwide because of their novel hairstyles.

In today’s society, the average woman spends $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime, and around 2 hours a week washing and styling her hair. This is primarily because not only women believe appearance to be important, but also consider hair to represent their thoughts, beliefs and personality.

May 21, 2018

How To Boost Hair Growth

One of the most beautiful asset a woman or a man possesses is their hair but, taking care of it and maintaining the hair health sometimes becomes a difficult task. So, here are few tips & tricks to keep your healthy and shiny.

Massage your dry scalp: Nothing makes your hair feel happier than a relaxing head massage. It stimulates the blood flow to the hair, thus helping hair get all the nutrients of the hair oil and promoting a sense of wellness, peace and tranquility.

Wet hair massage: A massage in the shower is a perfect way get tangle free hair. Use your hands and massage with your fingertips while in the shower. Start at the back of your hair and move your fingers upwards creating soft pressure and discovering beautiful hair.

Get a trim: Ends of the hair can actually turn dry, unruly and full of split-ends. They act as a deterrent to growing long and healthy hair. And if you wish to grow your hair faster, getting your trims chopped every six to eight weeks could be a perfect way to boost your hair growth.

Take the right supplements: Your hair deserves all the care in this world and consuming the right vitamins can actually make it grow healthy and lustrous . Over the counter vitamins that contains anti-oxidants along with vitamin b which are great for strengthening the hair. Also, supplements like biotin helps in encouraging hair growth.

Use a conditioner: A conditioner helps in locking moisture and keeping your hair manageable and smooth. Just like how shampoo is required to cleanse your hair of the daily grime, a conditioner is essential to replenish the hair. Make sure to use a conditioner that suits your hair. 

Rinse with cold water: Rinsing your hair with cold water makes all the difference. As hot water turns scalp dry and hair unruly its advisable to use cold water as the last rinse. This will help prevent any loss of moisture, while sealing hair cuticles.  

Restrict usage of heat styling tools: Hairstyling tools like straighter and curling iron tend to dry and make hair brittle. Make sure to use a heat protectant products before using them, also avoid them using more often.

May 10, 2018

Mistakes you Make While Drying Your Hair!

We all live in a world full of hustle bustle where caring for our skin or hair takes a back seat. Skin is still taken care of with some moisturizer or sun block but hair, hair is just washed up and blow dried in a hurry and we step out of the house leaving the hair unprotected and open to all damages. So, don’t you think our hair should also get equal chance of being pampered and being taken care of? Here we present to you some common mistakes you should avoid after washing and drying your hair.


So, as important it is for you to dry your hair, it’s also important that before exposing your hair to heat, you apply some heat protection to keep your hair healthy.


It is advisable to not wash your hair when they are too wet. Just squeeze them with a soft cloth to take out the extra water and then you can go on with drying them out with the help of a dryer.


If you want your hair to dry out evenly without making it look weird, then you should section your hair properly. Ensure that your sections are thin so it takes less time to blow dry and carry on with your day.


Setting your hair dryer on too high may deeply damage your hair which would take months to repair. Figure out what setting is right for your hair type and blow dry accordingly. For instance, high heart is recommended for coarse or thick hair and low heat can be good for thin hair.


Having the dryer too close to hair will supply heat filled fumes, eventually creating severe damage. Do not point the stream of air directly over your hair to keep it safe and healthy.


It is advised that you do not use metal brushes as they can too hot and damage your hair. You can always try using a brush made of boar, ceramic, nylon or a combination of the three. Also ensure that you are using the brush of right shape and size.

One significant support for your hair could be the Keratin Therapy through which your hair would replenish and get a new shine in them. This Keratin Treatment is one of the best ways to get back the lost hair texture and get silky, frizz free and manageable hair.

So, that’s it folks! Hope you’ll put these tips to use the next time you wash and dry your hair. We care for your hair and thus, would suggest you to spend some dedicated time on your hair to keep them healthy, shiny and lustrous all the time. Have a good hair day, every day with Tibolli!