About The Tibolli

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Tibolli Trioxxy® Hair Treatment

The Synergy of trioxxy


Tibolli contains Trioxxy, formaldehyde-free, a patented mix of Keratin Treatments that nourishes the hair even as it coats it, repairing the hair further! It offers an even deeper infusion of keratin while sealing the cuticle.

Tibolli home care products, also featuring Trioxxy®, include two shampoos and a conditioner free of harsh ingredients like SLS, Paraben, Sodium Chloride, and Paraffin.

About The Tibolli


is a combination of proteins, peptides with enhancing and maintenance agents. The proteins repair the cortex and the peptides help to seal the cuticles. The enhancing & maintenance agents are responsible for maintaining shine, color, body and moisture. The combination of all three repairs the hair from inside out and improves the overall health of the hair


are proteins that speed up the rate of virtually all the chemical reactions that take place inside the cells. They are responsible for breaking down protein into smaller molecules.


is a naturally occurring protein in the body, essential for healthy skin and hair. Collagen plays a vital role in cell renewal & restructuring and is responsible for maintaining strength & elasticity.